Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning

Distribution Transformer Tests

- Core insulation tests

- Operational checks on protection system

- Insulation resistance (IR) measurement

- Capacitance and dissipation factor 

  (tanδ) measurement of bushings.

- Capacitance and dissipation factor 

  (tanδ) measurement of windings

- Turns ratio (Voltage ratio) measurement

- Vector Group and Polarity

- Winding resistance measurement

- Magnetic Balance test

- Floating neutral point measurement

- Measurement of short-circuit impedance

- Exciting / Magnetizing current 


- Vibration measurement of oilimmersed 


- Operational check on OLTCs

- Stability of differential, REF of 

  transformer / reactor

  bushing current transformers tests

- Frequency response analysis (FRA) 


- Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of oil 


- Thermovision infrared scanning

Testing and Commissioning

Protection Relays Tests

- Wiring diagram check

- General equipment inspection

- Insulation resistance measurement

  relay self-test and             

  external communications checks on     

  digital/numerical relays

- Measurement test

- Trip settings test

- Secondary injections

- Primary injection tests

- Protection scheme logic test.


Testing and Commissioning

Metal Glad Switchgear Testing

- Mechanical Checks and Visual    


- Insulation Resistance Test 

- Contact Resistance Test 

- High Voltage Test